Holistic Leadership Development

Leadership - Logan LeadershipYou want to develop leaders who will do what Jesus called us to do, leaders who can take the church forward into the 21st century. You look to the fields and see them, as Jesus does, ready for harvest — and you know that’s where your ministry needs to concentrate.

What’s needed is holistic leadership development — the kind of leadership development that comes from the harvest and leads people back into the harvest, resulting in subsequent generations of new believers and new leaders living as Jesus called us to live.

We can help you develop leaders the kind of leaders you need in a way that is both relational and intentional… and ultimately effective in helping your church accomplish its mission.

The mean art teacher

Every once in a while, when I’m sketching out a diagram to represent an idea, I find myself apologizing for my lack of artistry. Fortunately, my job doesn’t require much by way of drawing skills, but I do have to sketch the occasional diagram or flow chart to...

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The intuitive solution

Sometimes you’ve been working through the discernment process, listening to God and trying to get a clear picture of what he is asking you to do. And then God prophetically gives you the answer. It didn’t flow out of the rational process-- it was a quantum leap to...

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How change really happens

A while back I read an old classic article in the Harvard Business Review that used a brilliant phrase: “running down the corridors of comparative indifference.” That’s a preferred way to lead change. Instead of trying to make big changes in obvious places-- which...

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The core question: Willing to change

What would you be willing to change? If God wanted you to-- say-- change the structure of your ministry, would you be willing to do that? What about changing your role in the community or the people you work with? Often in ministry, growth-- and even survival--...

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Perseverance and implementation

 Don’t wait on making disciples… start now. So something. Seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus, raising up others. In tandem with our own development, becoming like Jesus, we also reach out and become part of the mandate of Jesus. Who can you start influencing? Who...

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Disciples who seize the mission of Jesus

As we become disciples, we make disciples. This is the crux of making disciples: when we make disciples who seize the mission of Jesus so that they go on making more disciples, who make more disciples, who make more disciples. What is the proof of discipleship? If we...

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The importance of discipleship relationships

Once we have a clear sense of where we need to grow, now we need a relational context for that growth. There is no substitute for intentional discipleship relationships. During some seasons those are one-on-one relationships. During some seasons they are peer or group...

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Listening to the Holy Spirit together with others

If we are to practice a kind of discipleship that is truly tailored to the individual, we absolutely need to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Where God is calling one person to focus their growth is not necessarily where he’s calling another to focus. We can...

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The role of community in growth

Community is essential in helping us process our journey of discipleship. The Apostle Paul gives us some direction in how we are to function as Christian community for one another in this particularly rich passage: And let us consider how we may spur one another on...

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Discipleship pitfall #3: All heart

In the last two blog entries, we’ve looked at the pitfall of “all head” and “all hands.” The third discipleship pitfall is “all heart”-- focusing on just internal character and heart… the contemplative, emotional retreat– just me and God… drifting. Or, in more social...

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