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The Leadership Difference

Have you ever felt like you weren’t fully equipped for your leadership role? If you are running up against barriers that aren’t specifically theological but are more about how to lead people and get along with them as you work together, The Leadership Difference is for you. The Leadership Difference focuses specifically on key leadership skills you need to be effective as a leader:

  • Discernment and focus
  • Effective self-care
  • Who you need on your team
  • Team-building essentials
  • Developing people through coaching
  • Leading change
  • Communication skills
  • Supervising staff
  • Organizational development
  • Financial and legal practicalities
  • Empowering and releasing new leaders

Anyone in a position of leadership, whether they’re leading a church, a team, or a small group, needs skills and strategies like these — skills and strategies that result in lightening your own load, developing the skills of others, and getting the job done effectively.

Leadership Skills Guides

This comprehensive set of Leadership Skills leader guides covers 37 essential leadership skills. Each guide includes a written introduction, teaching points, scripture passages and reflection, and discussion questions. Every topic has participant guides to hand out to those you are training and leader guides for yourself that give you a bit more content. There’s even a section that lays out various options for covering the material with those you’re training.

We have also collaborated with Vineyard to offer a version which relates in a way that is most appropriate for that denomination. Click here to log in and view all Vineyard resources.

Storyboards and Coaching Guides

Storyboards are a powerful framework that you can use to create opportunities for discussion, insight, and action in 1:1 and small group settings. Companion Coaching Guides offer key questions for each section of the storyboard and a suggested path to help you direct the conversation in a meaningful way to produce value-driven results. Logan Leadership offers a full complement of these materials to equip you to serve effectively in your ministry.

Free Resources

We provide a variety of free resources for use in your personal ministry. We hope you will find them to be useful!