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Logan Leadership is the central site for information and resources for your ministry. This is where you can find a coach or consultant, see the latest training opportunities, read the blog, download free resources, and shop in the resource store. Not sure what you need? Stop here first.

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The 2018 Discipleship Cohort

“If you’re interested to grow as a disciple-maker, this cohort will provide you with tools, a process and a framework to become a better disciple-maker.”

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Making Disciples While Growing as Disciples

The Discipleship Difference lays out an intentional, holistic, and relational approach to discipleship that is individualized to meet each person wherever they are in their journey of following Jesus.

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Guide for Discipling

A disciple of Jesus is a reflection of God in the world. Divided into forty lessons, you can use these guides in a variety of ways to grow in holistic discipleship. Explore these guides on your own or with others and experience God’s transformative work!


Advancing Your Spiritual Development: The Disciple Assessment

Do you see the need for deepening and stretching your faith? Do you want to see transformation that makes a difference inside and out? Are you ready to get serious about discipleship? Start here with an initial assessment.

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Our Vision

Is every person living, growing and multiplying together as disciples of Jesus who demonstrate the Kingdom of God among all peoples.

Our Mission

Is catalyzing leaders to accelerate their movement toward this vision.

Our Approach

Integrates biblical principles with social science insights by helping leaders:

  • Sharpen thinking skills
  • Focus strategic actions
  • Contextualize solutions
  • Create reproducible processes
  • Increase ministry capacity

Our Ministries

Logan Leadership

We envision every person living, growing and multiplying together as disciples of Jesus. In this way the church can demonstrate the Kingdom of God among all peoples. To that end, we focus on catalyzing leaders to accelerate their movement toward this vision. We integrate biblical principles with social science insights by helping leaders: sharpen thinking skills, focus strategic actions, contextualize solutions, increase ministry capacity, and create reproducible processes. Click below to find out more about coaching, consulting and other resources we offer.

Shop our Resources

Need small group resources? Need discipleship guides? Need leadership training materials? Come shop the Logan Leadership store. We have both free and for-sale items. Some are books, some are downloadable, some are video—it just depends on the format and type of resource you need. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask. We create custom resources for clients as well.

The Discipleship Difference

Need a new approach to discipleship? A process that flexes to suit your church’s needs and takes individual differences among people into account? Our latest book, The Discipleship Difference, lays out an intentional, holistic, and relational path to discipleship. It provides a road map to see what you’re aiming for in making disciples, while at the same time allowing space and flexibility to listen to the Holy Spirit for what’s next… an eminently practical resource that’s ready to go.

Disciple Assessment

The first step in getting where you want to go is figuring out where you currently are. Our 360 degree online discipleship assessment gives you your starting point. By measuring your areas of strength and growth in behavioral terms, it provides you the data you need to move forward effectively. This assessment measures the following eight areas of the life of a disciple: Experiencing God, Spiritual Responsiveness, Sacrificial Service, Generous Living, Disciplemaking, Personal Transformation, Authentic Relationships, and Community Transformation.


Finally you can keep track of your coaching relationships all in one paperless place. MyCoachLog prompts your clients to prepare in advance for sessions, allows confidential record-keeping so you can pick up where you left off, and builds in follow up on goals and scheduling of future coaching sessions. Check out the five minute video tutorial to see how easy it is to use.

The Leadership Difference

Currently in Production: The Leadership Difference

Leadership is built on the foundation of discipleship. Anyone in a position of leadership, whether they’re leading a church, a team, or a small group, needs skills and strategies that result in lightening your own load, developing the skills of others, and getting the job done effectively. Be on the lookout for our sequel to The Discipleship Difference, where we walk through the skills necessary for those disciples who are also called to be leaders. Scheduled for release in the Fall of 2017!