Church Planting

Living the Book of Acts

Church Planting - Logan LeadershipWe understand the challenges involved in starting a new ministry from scratch. We also understand the amazing possibilities. If you’re considering planting a church or are in the early stages, we’d love to walk alongside you through the process.

We can help you understand the different stages of planting a church—from vision to team building to leadership development. We can help you think through the essential issues to consider along the way—including prayer, finances, structure, and outreach.

And if you have a vision for planting not just one church, but many churches– a multiplying movement of churches — then you’ll definitely want to connect with us to be better prepared and resourced for the amazing adventure that lies ahead.

What comes after Alpha? Beta

Over the last couple of weeks, I've explored some of the ways the Alpha Course intersects with Church Planting. There are more parallels than one might initially expect, especially in the relational ways people come to faith. The Alpha philosophy fits well with that....

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How people come to faith

In last week’s blog entry, I wrote about how the Alpha process parallels church planting. In today’s entry, I’m thinking about how the end goals of Alpha and church planting fit together as well. Really, the cornerstone of church planting and of Alpha are the same:...

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Alpha and church planting

I was recently talking with someone about the intersection of Alpha and church planting. He works with Alpha—the well-known and effective evangelism tool. I have been working in the field of church planting in one way or another for over 40 years. It was interesting...

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Navigating leadership challenges

Because leadership challenges look different in every church plant, they can be difficult both to identify and to figure out how to handle. Sometimes the issue is a spiritual one; other times it’s a management one; sometimes a combination. Different problems...

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The leadership challenge

This blog entry has been excerpted from my upcoming book, The Church Planting Journey. Without exception, every church planter I know of has gone through a leadership challenge at some point in his or her planting process. A leadership challenge is when things go...

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Spiritual warfare and church planting

This blog entry has been excerpted from my upcoming book, The Church Planting Journey. These are two topics you don’t always see in the same sentence. Yet I’d argue that they are inextricably linked. When you are planting a church, you are encroaching on what the...

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Most church conflicts spring from differing values

At the beginning of a new ministry or a church plant, leaders often discuss the issue of core values: What are we about? What do we stand for? What makes us different? Yet for existing ministries, it can be helpful periodically to return to the question of core values...

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Time management for church planters

Note: This blog entry is excerpted and adapted from my upcoming book, tentatively titled The Church Planting Journey. We'll be posting excerpts about once a month here and we'd love to hear feedback from you. We hope you are getting as excited about it as we are! And...

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