The Discipleship Difference

“Why am I even bothering to do this?” Rob thought to himself as he stacked the chairs. The sky outside the window was darkening, and he could hear the last of the cars pulling out of the church parking lot.

We invest a lot of time, thought and energy into our discipleship efforts. We teach classes, gather resource materials, design curriculum, arrange discipleship relationships . . . but at the end of the day, what change are we really seeing?

How come we aren’t seeing the kind of real-life results we’re looking for?
Why isn’t it working?
Where’s the transformation?

That’s the central question of The Discipleship Difference:
How do we get to the transformation?

How can we create discipleship process that takes individual differences among people into account?
How can we allow for listening to the Holy Spirit and the various directions that may take us?
How can we ensure that our idea of discipleship is holistic and biblical?
How can we know what we are aiming for as we try to make disciples?

And of course—the question rooted in the subtitle of the book — how can we make disciples while we are growing as disciples?

The Discipleship Difference lays out an intentional, holistic, and relational approach to discipleship that is individualized to meet each person wherever they are.

About the Authors:

Dr. Robert E. LoganDr. Robert E. Logan has well over thirty years of ministry experience, including church planting, pastoring, consulting, coaching, and speaking. Bob has seen a great deal, yet remains on the cutting edge of ministry as he is currently planting an organic, missional network of churches in Los Angeles. Bob earned his DMin from Fuller Theological Seminary. Current favorite ministries include volunteering in a recovery community, and helping lead a house-church gathering.
Dr. Charles R. RidleyDr. Charles R. Ridley has utilized his expertise in the area of measurement and assessment in the development of the Church Planter Profile, which has shaped the foundation of church-planter selection all over the world. He has also done extensive work on coach competencies and assessments, conducting a qualitative international research project. A licensed psychologist and professor at Texas A & M University, Chuck earned his PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Minnesota.

“Bob Logan and Chuck Ridley are that rare blend: Practitioners who have theoretical foundations and theoreticians who practice their theories. The Discipleship Difference is a Jesus-centered, highly engaging book that will move you from dreaming about discipleship to being a disciple and a discipler. Enjoy both the concepts and the narrative story of a pastor grappling with these concepts. I offer only one real caution about the content: It has the power to change the way you think about church and ministry. Please, read this book!”

Dr. John Jackson
President of William Jessup University
Speaker, Consultant and Author

“Another winner by Bob Logan and Charles Ridley. If you are serious about discipleship, then you need to read and absorb The Discipleship Difference. This book offers a clear and practical process on how to ‘make disciples at the same time we are growing as disciples.’ It does away with the typical cookie cutter type of discipleship program and instead succinctly demonstrates how to take individuals on their life long discipleship journey. I highly recommend this book.”

Wayne Krause
DMin Discipleship MinistryTeam
Church Planting and Church Health
South Pacific Division of Seventh-day Adventists, Australia

“What an absolutely wonderful resource for followers of Jesus! As I read through The Discipleship Difference I was constantly both encouraged and challenged in the variety of ways that I can both make disciples who make disciples as well as be discipled in the process. This book helps identify the numerous opportunities we have to invite people into the kingdom of God. I am giving copies of this to all of my church staff!”

Luke Geraty
Vineyard pastor
Stanley, WI

“I deeply resonate with the emphasis on investing in people to make disciples. Tree image and assessment tool are worth the price of admission in and of themselves.”

Tom Greener
United Methodist Church

“Bob and Chuck have taken discipleship to new levels of understanding and practical application. Their approach is refreshingly biblical, logical, disciple-oriented and highly relational. The principles taught are readily transferable and repeatable, creating the possibility of moving from a growth by addition to a movement of multiplication. This is a must-read for those who are serious about seeing people being transformed into the image and likeness of Jesus and then seeing it reproduced over and over.”

Jeff Norris
District Superintendent in the Christian and Missionary Alliance