Finding the Flow


If you’ve led or even been part of a small group, the experience can be frustrating. How do you juggle priorities and personalities? And how do you get people to clear an hour in their schedule to show up? What’s meant to bring life can become dry, stale and ineffective.

Tara Miller and Jenn Peppers, experienced small group facilitators and trainers, have had the same questions and frustrations. But they’ve also experienced the power small groups have to allow members to wrestle with questions, to create a space where people know and are known by others, and to open people up to encounter God more deeply. Their honest, nonprogrammatic guide:

  • provides exercises and reflection questions throughout and at the end of each chapter to help you process the material and then actually work it into your group
  • includes many real-life stories from the authors’ wide-ranging experience with small groups
  • points out common obstacles that keep leaders from being able to follow the Spirit effectively—and ways you can avoid or overcome them
  • equips you with skills that will draw people toward Christ in authentic ways

Finding the Flow overflows with fresh water so that you can be refreshed, encouraged and equipped to help others in small groups drink deeply of the riches of life in Christ as you encounter him together.

Jenn Peppers and Tara Miller are co-authors of Finding the Flow, with a vision to provide resources to emerging leaders who facilitate group conversations that lead people closer to God.

Tara Miller is a writer and resource developer for Logan Leadership. She was formerly the small groups pastor of Pathways Church in Denver, Colorado.

Jenn Peppers is the founder of Verge Coaching in Denver, Colorado, where she provides coaching to people desiring personal and spiritual growth. She is also director of community groups at Denver Presbyterian Church.

“Community doesn’t come with a manual. But if it’s experience and wisdom you’re looking for, Miller and Peppers have a ton of it. Using real-life examples, solid relationship principles and hands-on exercises, Finding the Flow explores the dynamics of gatherings that thrive versus survive, and the facilitation practices that can help make the difference.”

Sally Morgenthaler
contributor to
An Emergent Manifesto of Hope

“This is one of the most practical books available regarding how to develop transformational leaders who can in turn lead transformational groups. . . . I’ve seen Jenn and Tara at work firsthand in the church where I pastor, and they’ve taken the small group ministry to a new level of effectiveness.”

Ron Johnson
founding and lead pastor
Pathways Church, Denver, Colorado

“An interactive, conversational and engaging guide to empower and equip group leaders, helping them create life-changing environments that produce passionate followers of Christ.”

Bill Donahue
author of
Leading Life-Changing Small Groups