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The Discipleship Difference

We invest a lot of time, thought and energy into our discipleship efforts. We teach classes, gather resource materials, design curriculum, arrange discipleship relationships . . . but at the end of the day, what change are we really seeing? How come we aren’t seeing the kind of real-life results we’re looking for? Why isn’t it working? Where’s the transformation?

Every person is different and we all reflect God in different ways. So why is our typical approach to discipleship the same across the board? The Discipleship Difference lays out an intentional, holistic, and relational approach to discipleship that is individualized to meet each person wherever they are.

Guide for Discipling

Logan Leadership created the Guide for Discipling to encourage disciples new and old to love God, love others, and make disciples. With a total of forty lessons, each is supported by related scriptures and includes thought-provoking questions to encourage discussion. Pastors, church leaders, and individuals can use these guides in a variety of ways to grow in holistic discipleship.

We have also collaborated with denominations to offer versions of the Guide for Discipling which relate in a way that is most appropriate for that denomination. We are pleased to offer Discipleship for Episcopalians, A Discipleship Guide for Lutherans, and Vineyard Discipleship Guides for purchase as well.

Free Resources

We provide a variety of free resources for use in your personal ministry. We hope you will find them to be useful!