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These resources have been specially developed for and with the Vineyard. Our Leadership Skills Guides can be found on this page by scrolling down a bit. Thanks for visiting!

Vineyard Discipleship Guides

The Vineyard Discipleship Guides have been developed to offer you an opportunity to encourage disciples new and old to embrace the Kingdom and engage the world. Consider them a go-at-your-own-pace travel guide for your journey. Better yet, grab a few friends and begin your discipleship journey together!

Offered as a set of eight individual guides, each lesson offers insight and learnings on the following topics:

Experience and Worship God: Engage consistently with God, intentionally deepening your relationship and allowing your experience of his presence to fuel your life in the Kingdom

Partner with the Holy Spirit: Actively listening to the Holy Spirit and taking action according to what you are hearing

Serve Sacrificially: Doing good works out of the overflow of God’s love and work in our lives

Live Generously: Faithfully stewarding and investing what God has given you so you can contribute toward the advancement of the Kingdom

Grow and Change: Experiencing change in your attitudes and behaviors as a result of your relationship with God and others

Relate in Healthy Ways: Engaging with other people in ways that reflect the heart of God toward them

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The Vineyard Leadership Skills Guides

This series of guides, built on the foundation of active discipleship, walks you through the skills and competencies that need to be developed in those disciples who may have a calling to leadership. It answers the question, “What skills do you need– in addition to basic discipleship– to be an effective leader?” Equipping people with these competencies empowers them to begin leading and living into the calling God has for them.

Developed especially for the Vineyard, the Complete Set of Six Guides covers 37 essential leadership skills. Each guide includes a written introduction, teaching points, scripture passages and reflection, and discussion questions. Every topic has participant guides to hand out to those you are training and leader guides for yourself that give you a bit more content. There’s even a section that lays out various options for covering the material with those you’re developing. See below for an overview of the skills in each set.

Leadership Competencies

Personal Development

Continuing in spiritual formation: Engaging in ongoing personal growth as a fruitful and holistic disciple of Jesus
Managing time: Discerning what is important and focusing your time so it aligns with God’s priorities for your life and ministry.
Managing money: Recognizing that your money is not your own and consequently handling it with both wisdom and generosity
Engaging in life-long learning: Committing to ongoing learning and growth
Focusing personal ministry contribution: bringing together your gifts and the world’s needs into a focused personal calling

Developing Leaders

Identifying potential leaders: being intentional about looking for potential leaders to develop and invest in
Recruiting leaders and workers: bringing aboard and orienting potential new leaders
Training leaders and workers: helping new leaders learn hands-on skills in ministry contexts
Deploying leaders and workers: releasing new leaders into areas of responsibility and challenge
Monitoring leaders and workers: supervising the work of new leaders to help them stay on track with effective ministry
Nurturing leaders and workers: providing ongoing encouragement and support for new leaders as they continue to grow in their ministry skills

Leading Teams

Building community: knitting together a group of people who work, play and worship together well
Leading meetings: designing and facilitating effective meetings that have a clear purpose and agenda
Facilitating learning: noticing teachable moments and helping people learn from their experiences through reflection
Delegating: developing others and freeing up your own time by intentional giving away of tasks and responsibilities
Supervising leaders: providing the necessary oversight to lead others in effective ministry
Coaching leaders: coming alongside a person to help them discover God’s agenda for their life and ministry
Ministry and money: handling ministry money with integrity and transparency

Organizational Development

Clarifying values, mission and vision: knowing what you’re aiming for as you move in new directions
Vision-casting: painting a picture of a preferred future in a way that helps others see what it could look like
Gaining ownership: helping people get on board with the direction you’re leading
Prioritizing: generating multiple options and then prayerfully deciding which to pursue
Goal-setting: establishing goals that are helpful, realistic and challenging
Planning: creating strategic plans that will achieve the desired ends
Modifying: evaluating progress and making adjustments for greater effectiveness
Celebrating: publically recognizing progress and contributions, and acknowledging how God has been at work

Communication Skills

Listening: actively helping others unpack their best thinking
Asking questions: probing in ways that promote mutual discovery and insight
Providing feedback: knowing when and how to speak into someone else’s life in a way that is helpful
Having hard conversations: being willing to be honest and vulnerable with your feelings and ideas
Resolving conflict: working to mend rifts and coming to agreement with others who see differently
Relating cross-culturally: seeing through another person’s eyes a perspective that is not culturally your own

Pastoral Skills

Shepherding: providing comfort, care and encouragement to the hurting
Mentoring: pouring into another in a life-on-life context that includes sponsoring, guiding, and investing relationally
Public speaking: learning to present your ideas clearly and articulately before others
Facilitating small groups: leading others well in the context of small group discussion
Fostering Kingdom cooperation: working together with other ministries, churches and leaders toward common ends