The Discipleship Cohort

How many years have you been trying to get discipleship going in your context?
Are you willing to try something different?

If so, consider participating in our new cohort group facilitated by Dr. Robert E. Logan and Dr. Charles R. Ridley, authors of The Discipleship Difference. This cohort is only offered once per year beginning in January 2018.

What is it? 

This is a year-long cohort for implementing discipleship in your ministry context.

Part 1 focuses in on a personally transformative understanding of discipleship. By probing the eight dimensions of discipleship as they apply in your own life, you gain a better understanding of what discipleship looks like in others. Personal transformation precedes congregational transformation; understanding it experientially paves the way for you to implement it congregation-wide and see dynamic multiplication.

Part 1 meets for 90 minutes on a weekly basis for eight sessions, beginning in early May. Dr. Robert E. Logan and Dr. Charles R. Ridley will facilitate these discussions.

Throughout the program, you may also participate in our private Facebook group.

Part 2 is geared toward practical implementation in the ministry context. You’ve always wanted to create a clear process for developing and multiplying disciples within your congregation—a process that works. By journeying down a clear path alongside others who are of a similar mindset, you will be an active participant in facilitating a high-quality, intentional discipleship process in your ministry.

Meet with a coach and two other program participants to dive into the topics covered in our companion book, The Discipleship Difference. Monthly sessions take place July – April with a break one month in the summer and during the month of December.

Gain an in-depth understanding of how to make disciples while growing in your own life as a disciple of Jesus.

Experience a concrete model of how to provide constructive feedback in a discipleship context.

Accelerate your development with an individual coaching session on the topic that is currently most relevant for you.

Craft and implement a customized approach to discipleship in your ministry context.

What’s included?

The Discipleship Cohort is 100% distance-learning and includes group sessions, coached triads, an optional individual coaching session, access to peer support via the private Facebook group, and additional resources.

Assignments between sessions will focus on effective implementation.

  • 30 minute individual intake session
  • 3 large group gatherings via Zoom (1.5 hours each)
  • 8 sessions covering the dimensions of discipleship (1.5 hours each)
  • 6 triad sessions (1.5 hours each)
  • 1 individual coaching session (optional, scheduled as needed, 1 hour)
  • Year-long Facebook group for interaction with others in the cohort
  • Additional resources as needed (downloadable PDFs, etc.)

What’s the plan? 

During Part 1, the Discipleship Cohort will take place for 90 minutes every Thursday (January-February 2018). The eight sessions will mirror the Dimensions of Discipleship outlined in the companion book for this course, The Discipleship Difference   

Part 2 (March-December 2018) will consist of monthly triad sessions, consisting of a coach and three cohort peers. Topics will include:

  • Focus your vision
  • Start where Jesus started
  • Discover responsive people
  • Develop others holistically
  • Stretch toward what’s next
  • Mobilize other disciples
  • and more!

We will also meet regularly with the full group during Part 2.

Throughout the program, we encourage you to meet with your peers in our Facebook group to share, learn, and pray for one another.

How much does it cost? 

Cost is $1500/per person for the full year if paid up front.

Participants can also elect to pay a deposit of $600, plus $100/month, for a total of $1800.

Simply let us know your preference when you complete your application.

How do I apply? 

This program is offered once per year, beginning in January 2018. Our intent is to provide an environment for committed leaders to accelerate their growth as disciples and generate an intentional discipleship process in their ministry. Check back soon to enroll in our next program.

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