Holistic Leadership Development

Leadership - Logan LeadershipYou want to develop leaders who will do what Jesus called us to do, leaders who can take the church forward into the 21st century. You look to the fields and see them, as Jesus does, ready for harvest — and you know that’s where your ministry needs to concentrate.

What’s needed is holistic leadership development — the kind of leadership development that comes from the harvest and leads people back into the harvest, resulting in subsequent generations of new believers and new leaders living as Jesus called us to live.

We can help you develop leaders the kind of leaders you need in a way that is both relational and intentional… and ultimately effective in helping your church accomplish its mission.

Three types of questions for learning skills

As someone approaches learning a new skill, coaches need to approach them with three types of questions. These different types of questions are progressive, building on one another, and people aren’t able to process all of them at once. The “what” questions:  People...

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Birth vision out of prayer

Note: This blog entry is part of a series on church planting. If you would like to see all entries that have been posted so far in this series, you can bring them up by doing a search for “church planting series” on this blog. You can also purchase the full 27 page...

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New book on bi-vocational ministry: BiVo by Hugh Halter

I just finished reading Hugh Halter’s latest book: BIVO: A Modern-Day Guide For Bi-Vocational Saints. This book’s release is particularly timely, as I’m seeing more and more leaders becoming bi-vocational. Given the practicality of bi-vocational ministry, I expect...

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Listening with different ears

It used to make me so angry when-- after I’d spent hours helping someone process whether or not they wanted to embark on a particular journey-- they’d show up at the orientation only to say, “Now where is it exactly that we’re going again?” Outwardly I’d keep my cool,...

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Do you want to get well?

Remember the story where Jesus approaches a man in need of healing and asks him, “Do you want to get well?” (John 5:6) I used to think that was such a strange question. Of course he wants to get well! What invalid wouldn’t want to get well? Yet one of the observations...

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Portrait of a bi-vocational ministry leader

Today’s blog entry is by Jeff Logsdon, who is currently transitioning from pastor at The Flipside in Rancho Cucamonga, California to bi-vocational ministry leader in Tucson, Arizona. Another pastor who left his previous employment at Google in order to work for the...

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When are you a supervisor and when are you a coach?

In many cases where you are the supervisor, you may want to take a coaching posture as much as possible. However, a coaching posture requires that the person you’re coaching is the one who sets the agenda. The agenda they set may or not be most strategic for...

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Permission vs. ownership

A critical mistake many pastors make is they assume that if they get their governing board to give permission or approval, they’ve won the battle. It’s true that governing board permission is needed for certain initiatives, but the more critical issue isn’t approval--...

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MyCoachLog as a record of growth

I was in Madison, Wisconsin recently doing a training event. While there, pastor Christina Roberts of Madison Vineyard Church told me about new use she found for MyCoachLog: We have an apprenticeship program run out of our church. It’s a nine-month process designed...

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Great TED Talk on Grit

I ran across this TED Talk by Angela Lee Duckworth recently about the value of “grit”-- what followers of Jesus might term “perseverance.” It was a great talk, geared mainly toward educational settings, about how important this quality of “grit” is to success. At...

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