Church Planting

Living the Book of Acts

Church Planting - Logan LeadershipWe understand the challenges involved in starting a new ministry from scratch. We also understand the amazing possibilities. If you’re considering planting a church or are in the early stages, we’d love to walk alongside you through the process.

We can help you understand the different stages of planting a church—from vision to team building to leadership development. We can help you think through the essential issues to consider along the way—including prayer, finances, structure, and outreach.

And if you have a vision for planting not just one church, but many churches– a multiplying movement of churches — then you’ll definitely want to connect with us to be better prepared and resourced for the amazing adventure that lies ahead.

Churches without walls

By guest blogger Ronnie Higuera , church planter and pastor. Ronnie is part of a network of leaders planting churches across small towns and rural areas. Yesterday Bob posted about the way Canyon View Vineyard Church, a large church in Grand Junction, Colorado, is...

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Applying NCD growth forces to church planting

Many of you are familiar with NCD and the principles that underlie their process: the six growth forces.  I’ve been wondering how those growth forces apply to church planting, and I’ll be writing a blog series on that.  But for the sake of completeness, here are the...

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