One of the best ways to learn is alongside others who are embracing the same goals and facing the same challenges. We can encourage each other, build relationships, and spur one another on toward greater Kingdom impact.

Are you currently investing in church planting or coaching? If so, we have a learning community geared toward right where you are.

The Missional Church Planters Bootcamp is a ten-week learning community that will provide you with the tools necessary to get the job done well. Our focus together will not be on providing pre-existing materials, but on the creation of just-in-time tools that fit your context and the application of timeless principles in today’s world. This is a place where we’ll address the questions you are facing and provide resourcing applicable that works.

Ministry Coaching is an eight-week focused learning community designed to teach you skills and techniques that allow you to coach others more effectively. In addition, you will create a plan to raise up other coaches in your specific ministry context. This plan will allow you to increase your capacity to develop, support, and encourage many more people serving in ministry. Fulfill your calling to develop leaders through coaching!

Register before August 18th and get $50 off. Click on the links above for more information on the learning community you’re interested in.