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Handling the ministry’s money

As leaders, we are responsible for administering the church’s finances appropriately. Whether our church has a multi-million dollar budget or a small offering from ten people, we are still called to steward this money responsibly and use it in the manner for which it...

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Outcome-based learning communities

There are three different types of networks. One comes together primarily for support. The people get together, build relationships, encourage each other, and pray for each other. As long as you show up and are helpful, the network fulfills its purpose. A second type...

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Spirit-guided community

Next time your people meet to dig into discipleship or leadership development, try this. Break people into groups of three. Then give one person the floor for thirty minutes to talk about they’re experiencing God and what they’re hearing from him. The other two people...

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Timeline for an intentional interim pastor

I’ve been working more often lately with interim pastor situations where the congregation is in transition. One thing I’ve found is that people often expect interim situations to go faster than they do. In reality, if you do the steps well, it takes 9-12 months to...

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The supervision-coaching rhythm

One of the questions people raise frequently is how you can coach those you also supervise. My observation as I’ve reflected on how people lead is they over-supervise and under-coach. The more you wear the supervisor hat, the more you create the temptation to...

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Dealing with pushback on new initiatives

You’ve had this happen before. You’ve just finished explaining a new initiative to your group of leaders and you can feel the pushback beginning. “If we don’t do it the way we used to, it won’t work.” “What will this even look like?” “I don’t know if we have enough...

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Our Race Problem: Both Simple and Complex

Today's entry is by guest blogger Dr. Charles Ridley, co-author with me on The Discipleship Difference and professor of educational psychology at Texas A&M University. When Barack Obama was elected as the 44th president of the United States, pundits took to the...

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Living in peace

On July 8, I posted this scripture passage on my Logan Leadership Facebook page: “Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone” – Romans 12:18, NLT. I had set the post up in advance… before I knew how violent the following few weeks would be. We are faced with...

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Outreach planning

By guest blogger Insoo Kim, Vineyard Church Planter in Vancouver In the sea of different choices for outreach options, how do you determine which would be best for your church plant or congregation? I have come up with the following set of criteria to help us evaluate...

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Training opportunity

For anyone in the LA area, check out this great training opportunity. It’s how to run support groups for kids going through adjustments like a divorce or separation, a move, a new baby,  substance abuse in the family-- or another life change. Especially helpful for...

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