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A coaching system: an interview with Tom Camacho

I had the pleasure of speaking to Tom Camacho of the Vineyard about how they are leveraging a coaching system to help their church planters a while back. The original interview can be found here, or for ease of reading, we've included it below: Becoming All That God...

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The Kingdom: Who’s in charge?

As we in the United States observe President’s Day today, authority can be a challenging concept to understand. Who has it and why? Does it come from position? From character? From earning trust? How we answer these questions depends on our identity. If we are first...

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A Love that is Difficult

On Valentine’s Day, a holiday usually focused on emotions and romantic love, I thought it would be good to look at what scripture has to say about love. My conclusion? Love is difficult. It’s a high calling and it costs us something. A love that is difficult can...

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How to think biblically

“Why are we talking about leadership and management? This is the church. We don’t want to bring all this secular business stuff into it.” You may have heard statements like this from parishioners. Or you may have said similar things yourself. Often when people talk...

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