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How to think biblically

“Why are we talking about leadership and management? This is the church. We don’t want to bring all this secular business stuff into it.” You may have heard statements like this from parishioners. Or you may have said similar things yourself. Often when people talk...

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What will your New Year look like?

Resolutions come and go—just like new initiatives in congregations come and go. What makes them stick?  Coaching. Good intentions only take us so far. If you are ready to see real change this year… if you are ready to focus on implementation and solid steps as you...

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Merry Christmas!

At Christmas we celebrate the coming of Jesus in human flesh. As an infant, he was at his most defenseless. Jesus entered an insecure situation, where his parents were poor and traveling in an unfamiliar land. He entered a fallen world—one where a powerful king was...

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Making disciples in real-life environments

One of the critical practices of making disciples well is ensuring that we are living out our faith in real-life environments. That’s where we learn, fail, practice, and teach others. Below is a brief excerpt on this topic from my latest book, The Discipleship...

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How can a person function as a catalyst?

Many years ago I was a chemistry major. Although I did not go into medicine as planned, I did learn about catalysts… and recently realized that in my chosen vocation of helping churches grow and change, I serve as a catalyst myself. A catalyst is a substance that...

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The danger of a split focus

Do you have a split focus? As my friend Neil Cole says, “First things first. One thing at a time. Always one more thing.” That middle concept of “one thing at a time” can be one of the most difficult for us. We live in an age of multi-tasking and constant...

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