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Happy (In)dependence Day

As we celebrate our independence in the US today, I’ve found myself thinking of the opposite: dependence. Although independence-- the ability to go it alone and not have to rely on anyone other than yourself-- is what’s valued in my own culture, the humble recognition...

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Diversity and dialogue

Diversity is a popular word as of late. Diversity is important, because often what most changes the heart is engagement with people who are different than ourselves. But what do I see in many churches? ... ... People who don’t like those who are different from...

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Creating a planning rhythm

For optimal effectiveness in accomplishing your goals, set aside time for a regular planning rhythm. Yes, it takes time, but in the long-run it saves you time by maximizing your results. It's counter-intuitive, but the more you have to do the more necessary it is to...

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The benefits of wandering

As I’ve read the Bible, one of the things I notice is that many of the people featured in its pages spend considerable amounts of time wandering around or trying to figure out what direction they should be going: Moses wandering with his people through the wilderness,...

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Clarifying direction: achieve, preserve, avoid

You know that to get anything done, you need to cast vision. But once you do, it's time to get more specific about precisely what you are trying to get done.This clarification process is best done together with your team. For example, say your church has a vision for...

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What’s your vision for leadership?

What’s your vision for leadership? Do you want to see people becoming disciples, their lives changed, their hearts turned toward others in service and compassion? Do you want to see them becoming parts of groups and teams that multiply and reach out beyond themselves?...

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