Vineyard Discipleship Guides – Overview



The Vineyard Discipleship Guides have been developed to offer you an opportunity to encourage disciples new and old to embrace the Kingdom and engage the world. Consider them a go-at-your-own-pace travel guide for your journey. Better yet, grab a few friends and begin your discipleship journey together!

As Jesus came to be among us, we see him living and loving in ways that can be categorized into eight sets of behaviors. Each of these eight areas has a corresponding discipleship guide.

  • Experience and Worship God: Engage consistently with God, intentionally deepening your relationship and allowing your experience of his presence to fuel your life in the Kingdom
  • Partner with the Holy Spirit: Actively listening to the Holy Spirit and taking action according to what you are hearing
  • Serve Sacrificially: Doing good works out of the overflow of God’s love and work in our lives
  • Live Generously: Faithfully stewarding and investing what God has given you so you can contribute toward the advancement of the Kingdom
  • Grow and Change: Experiencing change in your attitudes and behaviors as a result of your relationship with God and others
  • Relate in Healthy Ways: Engaging with other people in ways that reflect the heart of God toward them
  • Make Disciples: Living in obedience to the great commission given by Jesus, which entails making more and better followers of Christ
  • Impact Your Community: Personal involvement with others to facilitate positive change where you live and beyond


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