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When we serve sacrificially, we fulfill what God asked us to do through the example Jesus set for us. Those who serve sacrificially reflect the goodness of God to those who may not otherwise come to know Him. Do you bless others with your words and deeds? Serve Sacrificially is a guide that will challenge and encourage you in your journey toward the heart of God.

What does it mean to live generously? More than a free handout, true generosity requires wisdom, using your spiritual gifts, abilities, and time to bless others. When you have Kingdom purposes in mind, your focus shifts to others, and service becomes a joy. The Live Generously guide will help you grow as a good and faithful steward of all God has given, so you can contribute toward advancement of the Kingdom.

We are each on a spiritual journey toward a more meaningful life. The Vineyard Dimensions of Discipleship Guides are a set of four volumes intended to assist you along that journey. Each lesson provides clear explanations, relevant scripture passages, and questions to help you and your small group dive deep into God’s word. Action steps provide opportunity for practical application of what you’ve learned. Each volume explores two dimensions of discipleship that flow from the foundation of knowing God and staying in tune with him. From that place of connection, you can trust the Holy Spirit to lead you.

“Jesus’ departing commission to all those who follow him is to make disciples as they live their lives. The Vineyard Discipleship Guides provide a simple, powerful way to develop other followers of Jesus to hear and obey God, highlighting the unique values God placed in the Vineyard. This is a valuable resource that can be used around the world.”~ Mark Fields, Vineyard Missions Director of Global & Intercultural Ministry

Also available in this series: Volume 1: Experience and Worship God, Partner with the Holy Spirit, Volume 3: Grow and Change, Relate in Healthy Ways, Volume 4: Make Disciples, Impact Your Community. There is always a next step in the journey of faith. What’s yours?


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