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New edition of the Coaching 101 Handbook

As I look back on the 15 years since the Coaching 101 Handbook was first published, the main attribute I am struck by is its durability. The work Gary Reinecke and I did on the international qualitative research project to determine coaching competencies, micro-skills...

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The worship bear

  A while back I was on a trip to the east coast to a church in Rhode Island and saw what looked to me like a great outreach idea. In the center of each pew, someone had placed a “worship bear.”  During the service they announced that if you knew of someone who...

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Top to bottom accountability

Within any ministry or church, a clear system of accountability is essential. Yet when things get busy, that’s one of the areas that often falls to the wayside in the midst of the urgent. We may have good intentions, but entropy can take over unless we make an ongoing...

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Sheep or shepherds?

One of the major challenges in ministry is turning volunteers into leaders. You don’t just want people filling needed slots—although that’s one piece of the puzzle. You want to develop each individual: as a person, as a disciple, and as a leader. Ultimately, you are...

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Creating a caring environment

You want to create a caring environment for your staff or leadership team. You also want to get things done. This dilemma is often one that senior leaders face. Yet it’s not the either/or situation we may think it is at first glance. When I was a pastor leading a...

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