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The substance of worship

Parishioner: "Pastor, I'm just not getting anything out of worship." Pastor: "I'm SO sorry! There's been a terrible misunderstanding. We're not worshiping YOU." Worship isn't about getting. It’s about giving. Our worship is our coming before God and worshipping him...

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Small group curricula for this fall

If you’re like many churches, fall starts off with a bang. Planning, calendaring, kids launching into the next grade levels. Likely you’re also launching some new small group studies. But consider: what do you want those studies to accomplish? What are you hoping they...

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Increasing the span of care

Note: This blog entry is an excerpt from the first draft of The Leadership Difference, which I expect to publish later this year. As your organization grows, you’ll see an increased need for structure. What just seemed to work organically before no longer works...

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My biblical role model

If you could be like any person in the Bible, who would it be? (I’ll let you opt out of the martyrdom part because so many biblical characters met painful ends.) My favorite biblical role model has always been Barnabas. He’s not a spotlight kind of guy, but he made a...

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Pastoral ego in leadership

Note: This entry by guest blogger Jonathan LaBarge When I think of ego in a pastoral context, I think of Peter. Peter, who was told by Jesus to “feed my sheep” (John 21:17). Peter, who swore he would do anything for Jesus (Luke 22:33). Peter, who was the rock on which...

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Happy (In)dependence Day

As we celebrate our independence in the US today, I’ve found myself thinking of the opposite: dependence. Although independence-- the ability to go it alone and not have to rely on anyone other than yourself-- is what’s valued in my own culture, the humble recognition...

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Diversity and dialogue

Diversity is a popular word as of late. Diversity is important, because often what most changes the heart is engagement with people who are different than ourselves. But what do I see in many churches? ... ... People who don’t like those who are different from...

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