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Good teams take time

Good teams take time to build. Do you want good, solid team relationships in your ministry? Building an outstanding team requires a considerable investment of time and energy, but it's well worth it. One thing you can proactively do is take time to be together...

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Teams that can handle ambiguity and change

When you’re developing new approaches to ministry, you can’t predict the way it’s going to go -- you have to be prepared for some ambiguity and change along the way. You and your team need to be flexible and adaptable because the unexpected does happen. You can’t...

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Open and constructive communication

Everyone says they would like open and constructive communication on their ministry teams. What can you do to model such communication? Here are three qualities you can aim for and live out with others on your team: Be receptive to evaluation. Are you willing to have...

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Complementary strengths

Great teams absolutely require complementary strengths. They’re not productive if everyone is alike: you’ll get the same great strengths coupled with the same weaknesses. Like a good marriage, you need enough differences to give you the right kind of chemistry and...

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Sharing common values with your ministry team

Everyone knows that the core of a congregation must hold to common values to be successful in moving forward toward accomplishing their unique vision. But what about ministry teams? Certainly they should be on board with the general values of the church, but to work...

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Praise for Finding the Flow

As you may have heard, at Logan Leadership we’re rereleasing Finding the Flow: A Guide for Leading Small Groups and Gatherings by Tara Miller and Jenn Peppers. Want to see what a few others have thought about the book? Check out these reviews… paying special attention...

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