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How Logan Leadership can help you

Were all about helping you get where you want to go. That looks different for different ministry organizations. Depending on your goals, we can provide targeted coaching, training, resource development, assessment, and/or consulting. 

Over the years, weve helped hundreds of churches, denominations and mission organizations get where they want to go. That can mean implementing discipleship processes, retooling their leadership development, turning around congregations in decline, or any number of other aims. 

The best way to get started is to look around the website, then contact us to discuss what youd like to accomplish.


Coaching can double or triple your ministry effectiveness.

Coaching gives you the follow through you need to accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself and your ministry. Contact us for a free conversation to discuss your coaching needs.

Coaching - Logan Leadership

Introducing The Leadership Effectiveness Profile

The Leadership Effectiveness Profile falls into the category I discussed in my last blog entry: Theories that did not spring directly from scripture, but are illuminated by natural revelation and supported by special revelation. The 8 competencies of the Leadership...

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What will your New Year look like?

Resolutions come and go—just like new initiatives in congregations come and go. What makes them stick?  Coaching. Good intentions only take us so far. If you are ready to see real change this year… if you are ready to focus on implementation and solid steps as you...

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Good intentions aren’t enough

As I reflect on my coaching and consulting work, I can see that virtually everyone has good intentions. People don’t lack for good intentions. We want to see good things happen. We want to see people get into discipleship relationships. We want to see people...

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Can consulting increase your effectiveness?

We can enter your ministry situation to help you find contextualized solutions. Contact us for a free conversation to discuss your consulting needs.

Consulting - Logan Leadership

Consulting vs. Coaching

I often tell people that consulting provides breakthroughs and coaching provides follow through. Right now in your ministry, which is more important? Which would help you most-- a breakthrough? Or some much-needed follow through on ideas, dreams or plans you already...

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What do you need?

As I talk with church leaders - of all different stripes - this is a question I often ask. What do you need in order to do your ministry better? Where are the holes? What would be helpful? What would help you make more and better disciples? What will move you toward...

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Training - Logan Leadership


How can you best equip your people for ministry?

What kind of training do you need? We design interactive training systems geared toward coaches, church planters, disciplers, pastors and key leaders. Contact us for a free conversation to discuss your training needs.

Seven principles for training your team members

The process of training is one of your most important challenges. What is the most effective way to train team members? How do you impart skills as well as deal with the broader issues of discipling? Here are seven principles to bear in mind: Mentoring: Successful...

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Teaching your team to listen

Relational health and harmony is extremely important when working with teams. To create and maintain that quality on your team, one of the most important skills you can learn—and teach—is to listen well. If you can learn that, then you can model good listening skills...

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How to contextualize training

Lately I’ve been working on putting together missional coach training for a couple of different groups. I’ve done quite a lot of these types of trainings over the years, but no two are ever quite the same. Even when two different groups need and want the same basic...

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Speaking - Logan Leadership

Catalyzing Leaders. Inspiring Growth.

Bob Logan is available for speaking engagements throughout the year. Contact us to learn more.