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How Logan Leadership can help you

Were all about helping you get where you want to go. That looks different for different ministry organizations. Depending on your goals, we can provide targeted coaching, training, resource development, assessment, and/or consulting. 

Over the years, weve helped hundreds of churches, denominations and mission organizations get where they want to go. That can mean implementing discipleship processes, retooling their leadership development, turning around congregations in decline, or any number of other aims. 

The best way to get started is to look around the website, then contact us to discuss what youd like to accomplish.


Coaching can double or triple your ministry effectiveness.

Coaching gives you the follow through you need to accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself and your ministry. Contact us for a free conversation to discuss your coaching needs.

Coaching - Logan Leadership

Knowing how to help

You are a Christian leader, people come to you for help. That’s part of the role--and rightly so. But how do you manage it? Sometimes there’s too much to do and the needs are overwhelming. Other times, the type of help being asked for can push you adrift from your...

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Who is in your corner during transitions? 

There’s no denying that transitions are uncomfortable. It’s an in-between time when things feel out of control and are often chaotic. Nerves are often fried, tensions are high, you may even feel lost. It is possible to navigate transitions well and the biggest tip is...

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A Coaching Culture Can Transform Your Ministry

If you have experienced a dynamic coaching relationship, you can point to the impact it has had on your life. Coaches come alongside others to help them create clear pathways toward their goals. Cultivating a coaching culture within your ministry is an effective...

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Can consulting increase your effectiveness?

We can enter your ministry situation to help you find contextualized solutions. Contact us for a free conversation to discuss your consulting needs.

Consulting - Logan Leadership

Getting through it all with gratitude

Balancing the highs and lows of life and ministry is a difficult part of your job. As a pastor, there are many days when you are celebrating victories and milestones one hour and the next you are sitting with someone as they say goodbye to a loved one. Maintaining...

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Do you have questions and concerns as the pandemic “dust” settles? Do you have big ideas to move forward but aren’t quite sure how to get them off the ground? How does an opportunity to spend a day in strategic conversation with experienced ministry leader Dr. Bob...

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Training - Logan Leadership


How can you best equip your people for ministry?

What kind of training do you need? We design interactive training systems geared toward coaches, church planters, disciplers, pastors and key leaders. Contact us for a free conversation to discuss your training needs.

Training and delegation that actually works!

You need to be freed up to do what only YOU can do. That means building a team that can take on the many aspects of ministry that need to be done but that you don't have to do personally. You need training and delegation systems that really work. The problem is that...

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What is the point of Christian Community?

Across the nation there are thousands of churches that are only remnants of what they once were. Maybe your church is one of them… or will be one day. The faithful few who are left in these communities have something special—each other. They are tight-knit groups, who...

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Discerning the Holy Spirit 101

There is something missing. There has to be. Because everything is in place—a strong sermon series, small groups, discipleship and leadership development pathways—but it all lacks… something.  You know something is missing because its all just stuck. There is no...

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Speaking - Logan Leadership

Catalyzing Leaders. Inspiring Growth.

Bob Logan is available for speaking engagements throughout the year. Contact us to learn more.