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How Logan Leadership can help you

Were all about helping you get where you want to go. That looks different for different ministry organizations. Depending on your goals, we can provide targeted coaching, training, resource development, assessment, and/or consulting. 

Over the years, weve helped hundreds of churches, denominations and mission organizations get where they want to go. That can mean implementing discipleship processes, retooling their leadership development, turning around congregations in decline, or any number of other aims. 

The best way to get started is to look around the website, then contact us to discuss what youd like to accomplish.


Coaching can double or triple your ministry effectiveness.

Coaching gives you the follow through you need to accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself and your ministry. Contact us for a free conversation to discuss your coaching needs.

Coaching - Logan Leadership

Investing in those you oversee 

If you are leading a ministry or a ministry area within a larger organization, you likely have people you oversee. These people may be paid staff or they may be volunteers, but either way it’s a useful exercise to sit down and think through how to lead these people...

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The Missional Cohort Model

In the spirit of Ephesians 4:12, part of your calling is to equip God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up. Especially if you are equipping multiple congregations and ministries. You want to equip leaders well for the work of the...

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Can consulting increase your effectiveness?

We can enter your ministry situation to help you find contextualized solutions. Contact us for a free conversation to discuss your consulting needs.

Consulting - Logan Leadership

The Search Process in 3 Steps

In the last several entries, I have been addressing the matter of hiring new key staff members. If you have followed along, you will have read about common pitfalls and the importance of self-assessment before actively searching for your new team member. In this post,...

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Five Common Pitfalls When Hiring Staff

Losing a significant member of your church staff can be a watershed moment. It can be emotional, messy, and stressful and when it’s all over, you are left facing the tough job of replacing them. Many churches have dealt with this situation, and understand the...

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Training - Logan Leadership


How can you best equip your people for ministry?

What kind of training do you need? We design interactive training systems geared toward coaches, church planters, disciplers, pastors and key leaders. Contact us for a free conversation to discuss your training needs.

Help! My small groups are all over the place

A lot of church leaders that I coach ask for help because their small groups are all over the place. The issue, essentially, is central control of groups. To what degree can the leadership get all of the groups on a similar track? Can/should they create a consistent...

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Empowering others

You have developed a training system that has been tested and works and you are now ready to move on to the third and final step: empowering others. In this way, the replication doesn’t end with you. You train others, who train others, who go on to train others… and...

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Design a process that works

You have perfected a secret sauce that has been the key to your success. What is the best way to share this key to propel others to similar success? Last week, we examined how to do a deeper dive into your own past experiences and learnings to identify and crystalize...

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Speaking - Logan Leadership

Catalyzing Leaders. Inspiring Growth.

Bob Logan is available for speaking engagements throughout the year. Contact us to learn more.