You have developed a training system that has been tested and works and you are now ready to move on to the third and final step: empowering others. In this way, the replication doesn’t end with you. You train others, who train others, who go on to train others… and so on. It’s time to magnify your impact!

empowering other to magnify your impact

Package your process

To get to that point, it’s helpful to create a full delivery system. For example, I created a two-day church planter training event that included some preparation and pre-reading beforehand as well as a year of follow up coaching afterwards. The system worked. So I put together not only the presentation material, but a facilitator’s guide, participant’s guides, and an outline of the full process including the pre-reading and the key areas to address in the follow-up coaching. I tried to structure it so anyone could take and use it.

The goal is empowering others

The idea is to package your system for replication. How can you make it as turnkey as possible so others can do it in their context? How can you make it readily reproducible… laying it out in a way that others can do?  Let’s return to an example used earlier in this series: Someone who has been a first-generation college student and wants to share what they have experienced and their learnings in order to help other first-generation college students navigate those challenges.

The packaging process

  • What was her experience? Challenges, barriers, misunderstandings, not knowing how to navigate the system, and lack of a mentor.
  • What principles did she learn? The need to self-advocate, the need to take initiative, the need for a mentor, how to take advantage of campus services, how to even find out what campus services there are.
  • What did she need to move through her own experience successfully? A peer group of other students going through the same thing for support, a mentor who has been there, and an orientation of student services.
  • What system did she put together? A write up of the principles, a curriculum designed with initial reading, a campus orientation, then a peer group discussion over the first semester, led by a mentor who facilitated the process.
  • Part of that system—the last part—will mean raising up new mentors for future first-generation students who need help. Possibly some of those in the group the first semester could sign up to mentor future new students next semester.

Notice that we are talking multiplication, not just addition. Multiplication means you are not only helping people succeed but you are empowering others to pass it on.

Multiplication means you are not only helping people succeed but you are empowering others to pass it on. Share on X

Magnify your impact

Consider what you have to offer. We all have something important to offer. How could we go about passing that on in a way that is reproducible? How can you leverage what you know to others can replicate it? The real power lies in the dynamics of the experience and the creation of an effective learning environment. We you can harness that power, you can magnify your impact for the next generation.


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