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Personal Development

This set of Personal Development Leadership Skills Guides covers the five essential leadership skills of personal development. Each guide includes a written introduction, teaching points, scripture passages and reflection, and discussion questions for the following topics:

  • Continuing in spiritual formation: Engaging in ongoing personal growth as a fruitful and holistic disciple of Jesus
  • Managing time: Discerning what is important and focusing your time so it aligns with God’s priorities for your life and ministry.
  • Managing money: Recognizing that your money is not your own and consequently handling it with both wisdom and generosity
  • Engaging in life-long learning: Committing to ongoing learning and growth
  • Focusing personal ministry contribution: bringing together your gifts and the world’s needs into a focused personal calling

Each topic has participant guides to hand out to those you are training and leader guides for yourself that give you a bit more content. There’s even a section that lays out various options for covering the material with those you’re training.

NOTE: You have permission to print and use purchased Leader and Participant Guides within your local church. Please do not distribute printed or digital copies to others outside of your church. Download link will be available immediately after payment and will expire 30 days from purchase.

All topics in the series:

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