Holistic Leadership Development

Leadership - Logan LeadershipYou want to develop leaders who will do what Jesus called us to do, leaders who can take the church forward into the 21st century. You look to the fields and see them, as Jesus does, ready for harvest — and you know that’s where your ministry needs to concentrate.

What’s needed is holistic leadership development — the kind of leadership development that comes from the harvest and leads people back into the harvest, resulting in subsequent generations of new believers and new leaders living as Jesus called us to live.

We can help you develop leaders the kind of leaders you need in a way that is both relational and intentional… and ultimately effective in helping your church accomplish its mission.

A coaching system: an interview with Tom Camacho

I had the pleasure of speaking to Tom Camacho of the Vineyard about how they are leveraging a coaching system to help their church planters a while back. The original interview can be found here, or for ease of reading, we've included it below: Becoming All That God...

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Want some help with that? The power of delegation

When I was first planting a church many years ago, I found that I was getting tired and discouraged every few weeks. I prayed the psalms, crying out to God, asking for his help, praying for perspective. I was on the lookout for unconfessed sin. I tried counting my...

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How to think biblically

“Why are we talking about leadership and management? This is the church. We don’t want to bring all this secular business stuff into it.” You may have heard statements like this from parishioners. Or you may have said similar things yourself. Often when people talk...

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New from Logan Leadership: The Leadership Skills Guides

If you’re feeling like you lack the tools needed to lead your ministry effectively, you’re not alone. It’s been said that “God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.” Leadership challenges are not unique to any one church, or even any one denomination. In...

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What will your New Year look like?

Resolutions come and go—just like new initiatives in congregations come and go. What makes them stick?  Coaching. Good intentions only take us so far. If you are ready to see real change this year… if you are ready to focus on implementation and solid steps as you...

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Merry Christmas!

At Christmas we celebrate the coming of Jesus in human flesh. As an infant, he was at his most defenseless. Jesus entered an insecure situation, where his parents were poor and traveling in an unfamiliar land. He entered a fallen world—one where a powerful king was...

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Harmony between pastors and their boards?

Pastors often face frustration when the board seeks to micromanage and things get bogged down. So often there is confusion in churches over the role of the pastor, the staff, and the board. Frequently people are trying to play the wrong position for their role. John...

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How to evaluate an implemented action plan

We create action plans and then work through them. But how do we know if we've been successful? We need to evaluate what was accomplished afterwards. And how do we evaluate that? Below are some questions you can use. Even better, if you know you'll be evaluated at the...

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