Gauging needs and creating content that is relevant and accessible is a key element of successful communication. Here are the Logan Leadership blogs that you engaged with the most in 2023 and why we think these topics hit home.

2023 Top Ten Blogs

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In true New Year’s Eve style, we are counting down to the #1 blog of the year…

10. Why conflict isn’t all bad Four positive things that conflict can accomplish and questions to help make it happen. There’s no way to avoid conflict in the church. Leaders are looking for ways to navigate through not only the squabbles but the deeper conflicts that divide congregations. We think this will continue to be an important topic—especially with the elections in 2024.

9. Getting it done and thriving aren’t the same Gift utilization is so important. For you and for your people. If you are experiencing high turnover or low turn out in volunteers it is time to reflect on what you are asking people to do and how you can help people feel energized by their volunteer work. This will continue to be a hot topic, especially as your church works to develop leadership in the younger generations.

8. What does healthy discipleship look like to you? Four outcomes of healthy discipleship. Why outcomes instead of steps? Because linear discipleship doesn’t work. You remember the “take God out of the box” era. Now it’s time to stop trying to fit people in boxes and start helping them take the next best step on their personal journey with Jesus.

7. Before the pastor search begins Three areas that your church needs to get in order before starting to look for a new pastor. A quick glance at the topics these blogs cover points to continuing burnout among pastors. It’s a great idea to keep close tabs on these areas to help assess the health of your ministry—and reflect on how that is affecting you.

6. What is the main point of the church? You know the answer to this one. Six habits that demonstrate your church is doing this well. Like most GOOD habits (humanity never seems to struggle keeping up with bad habits) a healthy church is always assessing, adapting, and redirecting to make sure we do this well.

5. Recovering from Vision Drift Four steps to refocusing vision to get forward movement. It’s crazy how easily life can crowd out or diffuse vision. It happens to the best of us. And the result is often frustrated and discouraged pastors.

4. Your State of the Church Address Here are five elements to include in your state of the church address to clarify direction and build unity. Maybe you opened this blog because you thought I would be offering my opinion on the church in America. There will always be trouble. The answer is not in the trends but always to act with conviction in obedience to scripture with what is in front of you. And key strategies when accomplishing ministry goals is to regularly review them and create common accountabilities.

3. Discipleship for skeptics Seven ways you can create a church where skeptics can engage and grow. This topic could very well grow to be a make-it or break-it for some churches. Our culture is ever increasing in skepticism. Our job is to accept people where they are and help them take their next best step in their faith journey.

2. A New Kind of Pastor Pastoring in a post-Christian era—three primary goals when pastoring means revitalizing the church. An important topic especially felt by pastors and congregations with declining numbers, insular communities, or experiencing a rough pastoral transition.

1. Does your church trust you? The #1 blog post of 2023 came from a series on the necessary traits for Senior Pastors. Gosh, it hurts when you work tirelessly for others and still aren’t feeling trusted. This blog speaks to the importance of personal credibility—something that doesn’t come with the title of “Pastor” and shouldn’t. It is earned and proven. Here are seven habits that demonstrate to your congregation that you can be trusted.

Your voice matters

Whatever your role is in ministry, as a leader you determine the topics that you talk about. From the pulpit to weekly blogs or quarterly newsletters choosing topics that matter to the people you are trying to reach is an important strategy to keep in mind. People listen when you demonstrate that you see them, that you care, and that you can help.

We hope this post has helped you see our commitment to you and to creating the content that is important to you. But we want to take it a step further and invite you to speak up and let us know what’s on your mind. Let us know how we can be helpful to you in 2024 by taking this short survey. We look forward to hearing from you!

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