Holistic Leadership Development

Leadership - Logan LeadershipYou want to develop leaders who will do what Jesus called us to do, leaders who can take the church forward into the 21st century. You look to the fields and see them, as Jesus does, ready for harvest — and you know that’s where your ministry needs to concentrate.

What’s needed is holistic leadership development — the kind of leadership development that comes from the harvest and leads people back into the harvest, resulting in subsequent generations of new believers and new leaders living as Jesus called us to live.

We can help you develop leaders the kind of leaders you need in a way that is both relational and intentional… and ultimately effective in helping your church accomplish its mission.

Chunkify: the latest technical terminology

I’m not sure if I have coined this term or not—likely someone else has thought of it before me—but when I used it recently in a coaching conversation, the woman I was coaching knew exactly what I meant by it. When you have a big, overwhelming project, take it and...

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The country church and the town church

A man I know pastors two congregations: one in a rural area and another in a small town. As he was talking with his coach about how to get effective discipleship processes in place in both contexts, he pieced together some principles that could be helpful to many...

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Happy 500th Anniversary of the Reformation!

Today marks 500 years since Martin Luther posted the 95 theses on the door of the church in Wittenberg, Germany on October 31st, 1517. It’s worth noting that he never intended to start a different church or denomination; his goal was to reform the existing church....

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The math of delegation

Delegation is an essential skill for developing your team members. Not only does it take work off your own to-do list, but it helps develop others. So why don’t more leaders do it? One significant challenge is giving up control. If you don’t do it yourself, how can...

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It takes three cuts to get it right

On good communication: About 18 years ago I hired someone to help me with writing projects. One of the questions I asked at the time was, “How do you feel about taking correction and making changes?” Tara, the candidate I was interviewing, responded that she assumed...

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Responding to criticism

Responding to criticism: Do you ever get criticized? I’m guessing if you’re a ministry leader, the answer is yes (exercising my profound powers of discernment). The real question is how to handle it when criticism comes. How can you avoid reacting defensively, help...

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Listening to build trust

Listening to build trust: In ministry, we are inevitably dealing with people that have differences: different perspectives, different priorities, different directions. The default for most of us is to convince people of the rightness of our view. We get into a...

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In leading turnaround, start small

I’ve been coaching the new pastor of an old church. He’s very sharp and knows what needs to be done to bring about renewal and positive change. The question is not about the “what” but the “how,” and that’s what we’ve been working on. One thing he’s been doing is...

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7 Most Important Questions when Leading Change

As you consider leading change, here are the seven most important questions you need to be asking. Take some time to sit down with a pen and paper and reflect on these questions as they pertain to a particular change you are looking at making. How will you free up...

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How to lead a new initiative across an existing system

Do you want to do something big across a network of churches or ministries? Leading change across an already established system can be challenging. That’s true no matter how beneficial what you’re offering may be. So how can you best implement something new across an...

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Revitalized by intentionality: focus on outcomes

Does your team focus on outcomes when they work together? Last year I coached a man who was commissioned to create an assessment tool to improve the effectiveness of church planting partnerships within his denomination. His role was to come alongside them and help...

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The substance of worship

Parishioner: "Pastor, I'm just not getting anything out of worship." Pastor: "I'm SO sorry! There's been a terrible misunderstanding. We're not worshiping YOU." Worship isn't about getting. It’s about giving. Our worship is our coming before God and worshipping him...

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