Missional coach training is for those who have a big vision for the future of their ministry. It’s for those who want to position their ministry to serve and impact the surrounding culture. It’s for those who want to be on the leading edge of change in ministry today, while developing the next generation of missional leaders for tomorrow.

Take an important first step in the right direction:  equip yourself and your ministry with missional coach training. It helps you…

  • Journey with people in an intentional discipleship process
  • Facilitate the emergence of growing disciples into effective leaders
  • Launch missional groups that impact the surrounding communities for Jesus
  • Guide your leaders toward creating sustainable systems as their ministries grow
  • Foster the creative thinking that leads to discovery of contextual, outside-the-box solutions
  • Encourage an organization-wide multiplication outlook

If you have a big vision for the journey of discipleship and want to explore options of missional coach training, connect with me.