coaching crucial You want to lead your church in a missional direction. Why is coaching the route to getting there? Why not just teach on it?

Coaching provides an experiential type of hands-on learning. People who experience powerful coaching grow more rapidly. They have someone who will listen, ask them questions, and help them reflect on what they’re hearing from God. They have someone who will help them develop action plans and stay accountable to completing those plans. They have the support—and the challenge—of a coach who understands what it means to live and love like Jesus.

As more people engage in an intentional process for personal growth and ministry development, you increase the potential for genuine transformation and multiplication. Any organization that provides coaching for their people is communicating an important level of support for them and their vision.

If you had some well-trained missional coaches, what could do you do with them? The sky’s the limit!  Just imagine the diverse applications:  pilot projects, outreach ministries, leadership development in your churches, deep-level discipleship, church growth and multiplication.

If you need to develop some good coaches for your ministry, talk to me.