If you are a consultant working with a group, this 6-part series covers 18 best practices for facilitating learning and engagement during a consultation session. To find the whole list once the series is complete, search “process leadership skills” in my blog.  

  • Force field analysis: The Force field analysis, developed by Kurt Lewin, encourages people to evaluate a potential change by assessing the forces against it (restraining forces) and the forces for it (driving forces). For example, a driving force might be that other churches are doing it. A restraining force might be opposition by certain key leaders. Focus on decreasing or eliminating hindering forces to move the change forward.
  • Affinity exercise: The affinity exercise is designed to help people identify and consolidate key issues. Key issues are brainstormed, each on a separate post it note, then all post it notes are sorted and grouped into like categories.
  • Foreign tissue rejection: When something new is injected into an existing system, if the DNA clashes, the body will reject the foreign substance. Be aware of this common reaction to change. When it happens, evaluate whether it’s truly a matter of incompatibility or whether the host body has health issues that cause it to fight against healthy change.