Process leadership skills-4If you are a consultant working with a group, this 6-part series covers 18 best practices for facilitating learning and engagement during a consultation session. To find the whole list once the series is complete, search “process leadership skills” in my blog.  

    • Use adult learning strategies: Adult learning engages participants through appropriate activities and reflection that enhances the discovery of insights and the implementation of change. Adult learning is done in a relational context and allows participants control over the process. It’s learner-focused rather than teacher-focused and must be based on a recognized need.
    • Give people time to reflect: Many people are not naturally external processors and need some time to think and reflect before engaging in a group discussion. Find ways to give your people time to reflect individual (prayer, journaling, giving them an early warning of questions you’ll be asking) to help them feel more prepared for discussion.
    • Break into smaller groups for processing: In larger groups, you’ll need to break into smaller groups of three or four to be sure you’re hearing from everyone. When you pull those groups back together, you can then pulse the big group: “What are some of the things you came up with in your groups?” Make sure each smaller group has a chance to report back to the larger group.