An Outward Focus

Outreach - Logan LeadershipGod calls us, as his people, to be the light of the world. In a world that is often dark, we are to shine the light of God in a way that is visible to other people. Any ministry without an outward focus is dying.

What does an outward focus look like? It looks like opening our eyes to the world around us and allowing our hearts to break over what breaks the heart of God. It looks like wading into relationships and seeing the opportunities we have to serve others. It looks like experiencing the blessings of God’s Kingdom and inviting others to experience that as well.

The impact of compassion

My friend Mark Fields went overseas with The Vineyard Missions to The Philippines. While he was there, he had the opportunity to go visit a marginalized people group who were Muslim in background and not recognized by the government. Because they don’t have birth...

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Knowing the city… and its workers

Government workers know their city better than most pastors do. People move into community positions because they want to help their neighborhoods. There are often a lot of difficulties, but there are also opportunities for positive contribution. So if you are a...

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Opportunity or obstacle?

Sometimes we take a look at a particular neighborhood or subculture and we think it’s really bad… and it may be. But how might God want to redeem or use that area? How can we take the energy we feel and use it constructively? God may very well be at work there. Let’s...

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Not every good thing is a God thing

There are many, many good things we could do. So many, in fact, that it can actually cause a problem in one of two ways. One is that we could overcommit and not do anything well. The other is that sometimes when we are faced with too many options, we paradoxically...

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Not your run-of-the-mill baby dedication

Today’s blog entry is by Ross Nelson, pastor of Northwoods Vineyard Church in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. About six years ago, my older son Nate worked in a family grocery business and oversaw the liquor department. In that capacity, he developed a friendship with another...

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Learning from T4T

This week’s blog series is by Dave White, a missionary with OC International in The Philippines. He shares his experience using T4T. T4T (Training for Trainers) is a set of principles that weaves together evangelism, evangelism training, discipleship, and leadership...

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