6-Celebration-LoganThis blog is now integrated into the Logan Leadership website– take a few minutes today and check out the rest of the site. And in case you aren’t yet familiar with what Logan Leadership is all about, here’s the mission:

Logan Leadership provides coaching and cutting-edge resources to help you actively pursue your unique place in God’s kingdom. Our mission is to help people and communities who want to live like Jesus lived: loving and serving others with compassion, raising up new followers of Jesus, multiplying communities of disciples, and living as the hands and feet of Jesus to the world around us.

We live into this mission by…

o Coming alongside leaders to help see their vision become a reality

o Providing coaching, consulting, and training

o Collaborating with others to find the best ministry practices

o Boiling those practices down to their irreducible principles

o Developing resources that are simple, usable, and reproducible