I have a vision for living out the kingdom of God today in a way that makes Jesus visible. Some days the picture in my mind is so clear. I can envision networks of Jesus-followers that are alive, vibrant and growing. Their people are living lives of love, talking with their neighbors about the Gospel, bringing meals to the sick, visiting those in prison, tutoring kids, challenging injustice, extending grace, demonstrating their love of God and others in many tangible ways. Others in the communities where these churches have a presence take notice of the Spirit at work—and they start asking questions. Barriers between the churches and the neighborhoods crumble. Dialogues begin and those who don’t know Jesus are invited to taste and see.

Leaders are raised up from new believers and begin multiplying themselves. Systems of leadership development are growing at the very grassroots of the movement. People are being helped toward growth in discipleship and maturity. Soon the groups of Jesus-followers begin branching out to form more groups of Jesus-followers. The whole region is revitalized and growing. The kingdom of God expanding here on earth.

This is missional transformation.

You want this too. You can see it. You know it’s possible. You have faith that God can do immeasurably more beyond all we can ask or imagine. And yet that’s not what you’re experiencing. There are pockets here and there of exciting things going on, but it’s not nearly at the level it could be. And that’s frustrating, because you’ve been trying for such a long time to move that picture from your heart to the world around you. You try and try but it just isn’t happening. People aren’t catching the vision or they aren’t following through. What will it take to just get on with what Jesus asked us to do? You can see the vision. And you’ve been trying. So what’s not working? Why isn’t the vision becoming reality? Where is the train coming off the tracks?

The bottom line is this: If you resonate with this vision, connect with us. We can help you. That’s what I’m giving my life to—to help others see this vision become a reality.