Formalizing coaching across an organizationAs coaching catches on in an organic way throughout an organization, the benefits begin to speak for themselves. People start experiencing more and more of the power of coaching, tell others, and more people want to get in on it. Demand begins to exceed capacity.

Now is the time when you can most effectively implement organizational change. Now you need to increase your coaching capacity.  Now is the time for Barnabas Coach Training. You don’t have to do it all yourself– there is help for developing more and more coaches within your organization to keep up with demand and continue to see coaching spread into new ministry areas. You can find out more about Barnabas Coach training here.

Some people think they have to have everything together before they get coaching approved by their board or session or district or whatever. But those are precisely the places it’s not going to happen. On the other hand, if people can start to see great things happening, lives being changed, the benefits yielded by an organic approach to coaching, then the ruling bodies will be more open to change. That’s how organic change leads to organizational change.