See Lives Transformed

Discipleship - Logan LeadershipWhy did you go into ministry in the first place? Most likely you wanted to make disciples, see lives changed, see the Kingdom of God advanced. You wanted to see transformation.

Churches and ministries only grow as well as the disciples they develop. It’s time to go back to the basics with a focus on discipleship. We can help you create a simple, relational, yet focused system that can help you get traction for making disciples at all levels.

Why our discipleship efforts often fail

We want people to grow as disciples and make other disciples, yet we often never get discipleship efforts off the ground. As I’ve looked at hundreds of different discipleship initiatives, I’ve come across five key mistakes to avoid. These are the elements that prevent...

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Responding to extremes

I had a curious observation recently as I was reflecting on the idea of extremes. My thoughts went to the two biggest groups that opposed Jesus: The Pharisees and the Sadducees. On the extreme conservative side were the Pharisees with all of their nitpicking and...

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Fears that get in the way

In conversation with my colleague and professor of Psychology at Texas A&M, Dr. Charles Ridley, we talked about what really gets in the way of personal discipleship growth and process. There are many types of impasses—blind spots, assumptions, patterns,...

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Too many new Christians

When I was first planting a church, we had an enviable problem: too many new Christians. We began seeing numerous people come to faith and were trying to keep up with discipling them and helping them grow. At the time I was using a simple follow-up tool—something with...

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On the California fires

As many of you know, Janet and I moved to Santa Rosa in northern California this past April. After spending almost our whole lives in the Los Angeles area, this move brought a lot of changes. But one we certainly didn’t foresee was the catastrophic spread of wildfires...

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Disasters large and small

On this anniversary of 9/11, we recognize that we face disasters both natural and human-made. First responders are out providing hurricane relief and rescues. Everyday people in affected areas are reaching out to help one another. Those of us at a geographical...

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Pastoral ego in leadership

Note: This entry by guest blogger Jonathan LaBarge When I think of ego in a pastoral context, I think of Peter. Peter, who was told by Jesus to “feed my sheep” (John 21:17). Peter, who swore he would do anything for Jesus (Luke 22:33). Peter, who was the rock on which...

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Diversity and dialogue

Diversity is a popular word as of late. Diversity is important, because often what most changes the heart is engagement with people who are different than ourselves. But what do I see in many churches? ... ... People who don’t like those who are different from...

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