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30 days is a long time, and yet on the other hand it is not. In 30 days you can form a new habit, and in 30 days or less a leader can lose their vision, their passion, and fall smack into a wall. I have been there myself – this is not just a theory, it is reality....

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Do less…no really

Early in my days as a young church planter I realized the following: The key to greater fruitfulness is not doing more, but doing less. Initially when I shared this idea people were confused – how could doing less help? They knew I had a long list of things to do,...

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It cannot be done

I love Chinese food. The food is good – but my favorite part is the fortune cookie. I’m amused by them. I secretly think it would be a fun job to write the sayings for the fortune cookies. We all know that somewhere out there are a small group of people who sit in a...

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Live research subjects

I get live subjects to research on, which—as a former chemistry major—is very exciting. I just met a guy who is connected to a network of maybe 40-some church planters in southern California, and I can meet with them, interview them, and observe them. I want to...

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A brilliant idea for business people

Here’s an idea for how you can help the business leaders in your congregations make a huge kingdom investment. Often we just ask business people for their money. What if we asked them for jobs instead? If successful business people could create 25-hour-a-week jobs on...

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What is church?

What is church? How do you define it? How do you know when you see it? Which of these is church? A house? A big traditional building? A coffee shop? A street?

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Acting your way into a new way of thinking

Values are critical-- not just what you say but what you own. You don't think your way into a new way of acting; you act your way into a new way of thinking. Say you want your church to be more missional. You have to start doing it. You personally-- even if...

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What do you need?

As I talk with church leaders - of all different stripes - this is a question I often ask. What do you need in order to do your ministry better? Where are the holes? What would be helpful? What would help you make more and better disciples? What will move you toward...

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Implementation – Missio Intensive

I'm at the Missio Intensive conference in Denver right now. If we could implement even 20% of the ideas-- and this is true of the ideas at most conferences-- we'd be miles ahead in the church today. This is why I've been thinking about implementation lately. So many...

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Missio Intensive

This week I am taking part in the Missio Intensive in Denver. Here's the link in case you don't know what that is. I'm helping facilitate the breakout groups, and can I just say that I love this stuff? I love the part where after getting some great new ideas and...

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Who am I serving?

I recently went on vacation to Greece. No wonder Paul wrote that Cretans were gluttons - there are some excellent restaurants on the island of Crete. (Titus 1:12-13) But the one question that kept coming to mind while I was there was, "Who am I serving?" Obviously, I...

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My Blog Vision

So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become...

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