Effectively casting vision means more than getting consent or compliance. It means getting ownership. If the people consent to the vision, they’re essentially promising not to block you. If they have ownership of the vision, they want it to happen as much as you do and they’re willing to invest of their time, money, and talents. There’s a big difference.

Here are some tips and some tools for gaining ownership within your ministry:

  • Sow seeds: get input before making decisions
  • Involve people in the planning process so they are more committed
  • Meet with key influencers before the main meeting to hear them out
  • Create space for people to share ideas and concerns before decisions are made
  • Use focus groups to hear what God is putting on people’s hearts
  • Create times for listening prayer

Even if the pastor or board still makes the final decision, these practices will help you avoid a lot of potholes. What areas of your ministry do you need more ownership in? What strategies could you use to build it?