Worship strategy planningOne strategy I’ve found to be quite helpful– particularly in the worship area– is to separate the creative planning of the worship service from the actual implementation. You can get your creative thinkers to come up with ideas and the plan the services. They’re often the more artistic creative types. But to actually pull off implementing and organizing a worship service requires a lot of administration, details, contacting people, getting volunteers lined up, tracking down materials. This implementation portion of the worship service can often be more effectively done by people who aren’t artists, but administrators.

Very few people are gifted in both of these areas, and too often we bog people down by trying to make them do both roles simply because they both fall under the “worship” heading. In reality , if you split the functions, you can have a very sharp ministry assistant who is good at contacting people, scheduling, and getting things lined up. That person may not be able to carry a tune or aren’t terribly creative, but they can carry out a plan and do an outstanding job. Consider separating ministry roles based on giftedness rather than traditional job roles like “worship leader.”