trainYou know that to help people live and love like Jesus, coaching is critical. So how do you train up good coaches? Sure, you could send them to a training event and have them do some reading. But you also need to help coaches-in-training get some hands-on experience:  living missionally themselves, practicing coaching, getting coach mentoring. In this way they can gain competence both in basic coaching skills and in missional-specific competencies.

Ed Newell, who received coach training under my leadership several years ago, shares about his experience: “That time was one of the most definitive periods of equipping that I have ever gone through. The tools and coaching experience have not been wasted. There is not a day that goes by where I do not apply some aspect of coaching in my ministry and personal life. In my role as a shepherd of shepherds, I find that asking great questions and letting people come to their own solutions by far bears more lasting change and fruitfulness than by being directive and heavy-handed. Thanks so much for investing in us so that we might invest in others.”  — Ed Newell, Navigators Shepherding Network Team

Logan Leadership delivers missional coach training in two different ways, depending on your needs. We can help you raise up coaches in your local churches, or you can get higher level coach training for more professional use. If you’re interested in replicating coaches within your own ministry, get in touch. We’ll talk about how to best meet your particular needs.