I remember the powerful impact of having an intercessor pray onsite during an entire church planter training. Having prayer coverage during the whole training made a huge difference. So when someone within my church context asked me how her specific gifts might be used, I responded quickly: a ministry of presence and prayer. She’s going to come with me to the recovery community where I’ve been volunteering, pray on-site, and be available to pray with others.

As she began to pray for this ministry, God began to speak in unexpected ways. She sent me two short messages that read: “Urgent prayer – good news,” and “I need to meet with you.” What she shared during a 30 minute coffee run was simple yet profound.

She had heard God’s clear instruction to pray daily with one or two others. After praying with a friend the first day she sensed an even deeper call and purpose… that this was something God was asking the church to do and that it would bring a great increase. Our house church is currently going through the book of Acts and one theme we’ve seen is: When God’s people pray, God’s power is released.

So I ask you—what would it look like if you teamed with one or two others every day to pray? What if that became the pattern of the church? How would our lives be different? How would the world be different? Try this for 21 days and send back a report of what God is doing.