One woman in my church plant has started a new group. One of the members, new to both the group and the church, wanted to call the group “the starfish group,” after the book The Starfish and the Spider—with the idea being that the group is set up to multiply right from the beginning.

Right now the group is gathering primarily to pray and ask God what he wants them to do. The home where they meet is directly across the street from a community college. As they pray, they see students from all kinds of international backgrounds walking to and from classes. The members are committing to be engaged at the school and to serving in a transition center one night a week.

And so it begins. It doesn’t take too much to become missional. Just join up with one or two others to pray and see what emerges. Ask God, listen to God, and take the steps he asks you to take. I think it may very well be prophetic that this group is called the starfish group.