One of my friends went to the grocery store last week. As he was checking out, he had a strong impression to buy a rack of ribs. He didn't need ribs, but the sensation didn't go away. So he bought a rack of ribs anyway.

As he drove home, he decided to give the ribs to a man who was having a birthday that day. So he told Fred, "I didn't get you a card or bake you a cake, but here are some ribs for you. Happy birthday."

Later, he found out the rest of the story. Fred had three ribs set aside for celebration of his birthday, but a few days before, he was asked to give his ribs to someone else. And although he had his heart set on ribs for his birthday and could not afford to buy more, he gave them up, saying "God will bless me." And three days later, his three ribs turned into an entire rack!

Sometimes we are not aware of what God is doing. Thankfully my friend listened and followed God's guidance. When you sense the prompting of the Spirit, how do you respond?