So you’re trying to come alongside missional leaders and coach them toward effective ministry. One church planter in his 20s doesn’t seem to trust you at all. He feels disillusioned by church and reacts angrily against certain vocabulary choices you’ve made. “You just don’t understand,” he says. Another young man you’re coaching seems to be making a difference living missionally on a personal level, but he doesn’t seem willing or able to create any kind of structure beyond discipling each person himself. “I want it to be organic, and not become all programmatic,” he says. A woman you’re coaching wants to devote more time to missional ministry, but feels financially stuck and saddled by debt.

So as a missional coach, what do you do? How do you handle these kinds of situations?

Logan Leadership, in conjunction with Missio, will be offering missional coach training that looks at the specific competencies needed to coach missional leaders. I’ll put more details in tomorrow’s blog entry, but you can also check out the information currently on the missional ministry webpage.