We need amissio-book way to train coaches that specializes in working with today’s missional leaders. In Kingdom-Minded coach training, I bring the basic coaching skills that all coaches need together with the specialized competencies that coaches need to work effectively with missional leaders:

1.      Principle-based perspective:   Thorough understanding of the basic principles that undergird incarnational missional ministry

2.      Credibility and connection:  The ability to connect helpfully and relationally with missional leaders

3.      Creative contextualization:  A capacity for outside-the-box thinking about what kind of approaches will work in a particular context

4.      Sustainable organization: the ability to help leaders develop and adapt sustainable systems as their missional ministry grows

5.      Multiplication outlook:  focuses on the reproducible nature of missional living

If you want to be trained as a coach in a way that is based on the best missional material and focused on effective implementation, you need to check out Kingdom-Minded coach training. Get in on the ground floor.