I just moved to a church with a 50 years history and a predominant population of senior adults with the mentality that the pastor should primarily acts as a chaplain. They love God but have decided they are done serving. I want to model and move toward an equipping/every member model of ministry in the future. I am anticipating some resistance but, to be fair, I have only been here a few months and it is entirely too soon to be making those kinds of changes. I need to build some relationships first. Thanks for your reply!

In Christ Alone, Cale

Dear Cale,

I think you’re right in your acknowledgment that you need to spend some time building relationships. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t start planting seeds in the meantime. Your personal modeling will be an important starting point, and the more you can take them along with you to watch, and later to help, the better. Ministries such as tutoring school kids could be a good fit. If that’s too big of a leap, maybe suggest an intercessory prayer ministry. The key is reinforcing that as senior citizens, they still have a lot to give. God is not done with them yet.

Legacy is also an important point for this group. What kind of church do they want to leave behind for their children and grandchildren?

The book Seeing Through New Eyes may provide some helpful reflections—for you or for those in your congregation to find opportunities to cooperate with what God is doing.

I think this is one for the wisdom of the group… a lot of you readers have experience with this type of situation. What encouragement and/or counsel do you have for Cale?