You want the kids in your world to grow in their faith, but how do you identify where a kid is at in their spiritual formation? How do you help them take the next step in their faith journey? Coaching can help you identify how kids are understanding God and help them grow closer to God.

spiritual formation

The challenge with spiritual formation in kids

It can be challenging for young children to really know what they believe for themselves vs. what they absorb and assume from those around them… and that lack of clarity makes sense given their developmental stage of life. Many children express a belief in God at a very early age. Others may repeat what they are hearing but without a clear or thorough understanding of what it means. Yet others may challenge their parents for the very sake of challenging their parents. It’s a developmental journey that includes early stages of intellectual and emotional growth.

A reminder

Children are not blank slates. They are born with the image of God already within them. They can hear the voice of God, and he talks to them just as he talks to you. Work with that reality rather than against it. Ask them where they see God at work. Ask them what they think God is like. Listen to their answers without contradiction. That can be difficult, but often adults can learn a great deal from the impressions of children.

Coaching personalizes spiritual formation

Although taking a coaching approach with anyone is important, I believe it is especially essential with the spiritual formation of children. Avoid indoctrination and forced discipleship, which has the potential to be harmful. Listen, ask questions, be curious about their perspectives and ideas. Doing this allows you to provide suggestions for exploration that are in line with the interests of the individual child. Rather than giving every child the same assigned Bible reading and memory verses, you can customize the discipling relationship to the align with their interests and personalities. The child who is active can learn in a more hands-on way, while the child who is an auditory processor can learn through stories and conversation. The older child who leans toward an intellectual approach may want to do a survey of major world religions. The child interested in science may want to research. The child who leans toward the mystical may be more interested in learning about different types of prayer or spiritual practices. The child who leans practical may learn best by serving others.

Although taking a coaching approach with anyone is important, I believe it is especially essential with the spiritual formation of children. Share on X

The coaching skills that work

How will you know what will work best for each child? You must listen and get to know them first. That means taking a coaching approach and seeing how God is already at work within them. How is he shaping them? How is he leading them? Discover that alongside them. Let them sort it out. Their spiritual journey may very likely look different than your own, and that’s fine. Respect the work God is doing in their lives. Many children, young as they are, have begun their own spiritual journey of exploration. Our role is to come alongside, help, and then stand back and admire what God is doing.


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