In the past on this blog, I have recommended doing supervision sessions with your staff people four times a year, with monthly coaching sessions in between those. But what does a good supervisory session look like? What topics should you cover? How should that staff person prepare?

I like giving each staff person a sheet to fill out beforehand that is more of a self-evaluation. They complete it before you meet and you both go over it together.

Here are some good categories and questions you can use to shape that worksheet and adapt it for your ministry:

Accountability for ministry outcomes

  • Expected results? ______ Actual results? ______ (___% completed )
  • What went better than expected?
  • What adjustments would increase ministry results?
  • What ministry goals do I have for the next 4 months?

Reflections on leadership and personal development

  • How have I seen God at work in my ministry?
  • In my personal life?
  • What significant leadership contributions did I made in the past 4 months?
  • Where do I sense God wants me to grow as a leader? Personally?
  • What is one important developmental goal for the next 4 months?

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