mycoachlogIf you’re a coach, how long would it take you to gather all of your session notes for a client, all of the files you’ve sent them, all of the email communications you’ve had with them, and all of the action items they’ve been assigned? How long would that take you? I can do it in two minutes– the time it takes me to boot my computer and log into MyCoachLog.  Because everything is all there in one place.

I’m not bragging– it used to take me about fifteen minutes. I’d have emails and post-it notes and handwritten session notes and reminders on my calendar to ask about this or that. Trying to manage your coaching relationships via paper and/or email creates an organizational nightmare– take it from someone who knows.

What’s the solution? MyCoachLog. I couldn’t find the system I needed to organize my coaching ministry, so I created one. Now you can have everything in one place: your session notes, your coaching questions, your followup items, even your email communications with your clients. As a busy coach, I am loving it. Check it out and see how MyCoachLog can help you get prepared for sessions in two minutes flat.

Here’s a brief video that shows how MyCoachLog can help you prepare for your sessions.