love godThis blog post is part of a series of nine entries, each highlighting one of the nine Journey Guides. Each Journey Guide is a three-week discipleship study. They can be engaged separately or as a series.

Loving God is the bedrock of all of the rest of our faith — it’s the reason we’re on this journey to begin with. In a sense, every other step in our faith journey comes from here and returns to here. All of what we do as followers of Jesus stems from our relationship with God. A relationship is by definition a two-way street: we talk and we listen. We give and we receive. We are changed by the interaction. Loving God can involve any activity through which we engage with him: worship, prayer, meditation on scripture, listening to the Holy Spirit and responding to him, and being changed as a result of our relationship with him.

The three-week journey guide Love God addresses these essential questions:

  • How are you engaging with God?
  • How is Jesus at work in your life right now?
  • How are you responding to the Spirit?

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