This blog post is part of a series of nine entries, each highlighting one of the nine Journey Guides. Each Journey Guide is a three-week discipleship study. They can be engaged separately or as a series. 

God has something unique for each of us to contribute to his Kingdom. By paying attention to what we are passionate about and what moves us, we gain important clues as to where God might want us to focus our efforts. When you sense God guiding you toward a particular area of ministry, begin thinking about ways you can help or contribute. No one can do everything; but everyone can do something. What is that something you can do? Once you’re actively involved in ministering somewhere, continue to learn and grow and branch out. Stretch yourself to try new things and learn new skills. Who knows where God may want to lead you from here. Stay open to the Spirit and keep growing.

Ask each other these questions to help one another journey along the way in this area:

  • Where do you sense God tugging on your heart lately?
  • What actions might God be leading you toward?
  • What’s one thing you can do to get better at ministering to others?

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